The Giant's Causeway

Probably¬†the most iconic landscape in Northern Ireland is the Giant’s Causeway. Photographed from every conceivable angle and time of day since the invention of photography, this has made it VERY difficult to come up with a truly original photograph of the Causeway.

The recent advances in technology in terms of lighting and drones have certainly opened up creative possibilities and as such I have been trying hard to come up with something new. As yet I haven’t fully realised the potential but I am certainly getting close and all the while having fun experimenting.

This first photograph is as close as I have got to being able to control what goes into the final image. It is a composite, made up of about six photographs that cover the area of the Causeway that is all too familiar in tourism publicity photographs. It is proof of concept that I can manipulate lighting at a certain scale. My next goal is to scale up to the point where I can try and control the light over the entire Giant’s Causeway.

The photographs below are interesting standalone images and are again part of the development of a bigger concept. I have been curious about how best to photograph the Causeway at different times of day and night.