The Skerries

This photograph happened one night when we were camping near the Giant’s Causeway in a fairly secluded spot. It seems that around that area no matter what way you turn there is an interesting composition. All you need is the right light and there’s your photograph. In the background is the Inishowen Peninsula.

The height of the summer is a great time to be working on the north coast of Ireland as the days just never seem to end. Look north and there’s always a faint hint of a sunset on the horizon. A blue and orange arc that stays for about a month around the solstice.

The Skerries Islands just off Portrush

The sunsets can be absolutely magnificent with gold and red hues that make you think you could be anywhere – somewhere warm! This photograph is taken during golden hour looking west when the sun has just set, and for a brief twenty minutes or so the sky went the most beautiful orange.